Catchy, dreamy and melancholic pop for long drives with the windows down
— Indie Pop-Ups

Capital Soiree is an Indie Rock/Dream Pop band from Chicago. Consisting of James Kourafas, Max Romero, and Steven Rejdukowski, the group has grown up together, starting as freshmen in high school, crafting their unique style of pop for over 6 years. During this period, Capital Soiree has performed at many of Chicago's top venues including Bottom Lounge, Metro, House of Blues, and many more. With the band's upcoming EP 'Waves of Change', Capital Soiree channels influences of New Wave, Surf Rock, Synthpop, Shoegaze and more, creating a vibe that is both nostalgic and unique. Growing up listing to Chicago Alternative and Emo, 80's Pop hits, R&B, and early Indie Rock, the group strives to cater to the modern playlist generation by creating a unique collection of songs that channel a variety of sonic qualities. Capital Soiree have been complemented on their unique ability to capture the intensity of Rock n' Roll, with the precision and polish of Pop music, bringing a positive energy to both shows and records. The trio has caught the attention of music lovers in Chicago and beyond, with their single 'Second Home' earning over 30,000 streams across platforms and plan to continue to reach more of today's listeners with 'Waves of Change'. Listen to Capital Soiree on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, and more.